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Seaven Studio is a newborn from some ashes of Hydravision, which closed down in September Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a project we bought back from Hydravision with our savings as we started working on it there.

Main design was almost done, we changed things here and there to make it more enjoyable from what was decided over at Hydravision by our former bosses. Only regret is not been present at PAX, too late to book! Good game with good marketing is what it needs, right? Within a month, we have sold on PC:. When we started our communication about Ethan, we planned to have Steam Greenlight in the center of it.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 breaks records, earns $2.1M for winning causes

We wanted it to be our central hub for communication with the community, rather than setting up our own forum which would have need gamers to set up another account etc… to be where most of our targeted gamers are and already have a Steam account.

It seems like people spend 30s on each page, vote and then move on. Some stay a bit and leave a comment but we rarely had great chat with gamers over there. We released an Alpha Demo when we announced the game in order to get feedbacks from the community.

We definitely need to improve things on this side. You can, my bad. First July spike? One of my friends forwarded our page to the whole Just Dance team in Paris!

/v/ - Video Games

Thanks guys! Second mid-august spike? A french youtuber did a video on our Alpha Demo here. The very small bump right before September 1 st is the Rock Paper Shotgun articleenjoying the Alpha demo. The last two spikes around October 1 st are a live stream we did with the french team and a tweet asking to upvote us!

Hard to tell when was Rezzed, Gamescom or even release of the game hu?

Indies going all in with self-publishing: an Ethan: Meteor Hunter post mortem

Our core value is gamers proximity, making them part of the development of the game thus the Alpha Demo. It just made sense then to translate the game to as many languages as possible in order to be closer to as many gamers as possible. That means between 7 to 10 hours of pretty good fun. Did not really worked out. Also, having a strong gameplay feature and good variations throughout the game was essential for us.

Releasing a puzzle platformer a month after GTA V and a month before next gen consoles is not the greatest idea. So it just made sense. Just like all of the other games and especially Rayman Legends, a direct competitor. At some point we were considering releasing PC version beginning of August and PS3 in October but we figured it was more powerful to release both versions at the same time. Turned out early August was pretty strong in terms of indie release too. We were pretty satisfied too considering the progress made since the Hydravision prototype:.

Not to mention not being on Steam… Or are we just feeling this console transition too where sales always slow down? More about the game over here and upvote us on Greenlight over there.

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I agree. Next gala quiz. Massive Gameplay Giveaway! Welcome at Indiegala. Join our community of gamers and download free gamesbrowse our blog and forums, or try the luck in our free giveaways. Welcome To No Man's Sky. Elite: Dangerous.

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I heard there was some controversy, I just wanted to make sure the game is fun and what you guys think about it. The game is a fucking piece of shit. It's "fun" for about 10 minutes until your hope of it getting better runs out. By what criteria?

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Did you really need a whole thread to have someone tell you it's shit and not nearly worth the 14 american dollars "humble" bundle asks for it? The controversy is that the game is fucking dogshit.

It's an annoying, grinding, frustrating game that has absolutely no respect for your time. You know the first 15 minutes of Terraria where you're running around trying to find stuff?

Imagine that stretched out for an entire game. There are so many features like mechs, fossils and fishing that feel so haphazardly thrown in for no reason. It includes everything and the kitchen sink and none of it works together. There's an entire storyline involving a vigilante group that's completely pointless and only got added to bloat the game even further and expand the main story somewhat. There are some extremely cringe-worthy photos of the dev team behind this game that makes it obvious they are swimming in soy, but that isn't even the problem.

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The problem is that this game is an extremely repetitive and boring version of Terraria. It seems charming enough at first, but you will quickly realize that it doesn't have the same sense of progression that Terraria has and not nearly the same level of content.

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Terraria only recently stopped getting official content updates for fuck's sakes. I dumped enough hours into this game already assuming it would eventually be as good as Terraria at least. Don't make the same mistake. You know, it's funny, because I remember people rabidly defending Starbound when it first came out.

The common argument was:. Terraria has been out for years, but this just came out! Then years passed and Starbound actually got less fun through patches, and never even came close to matching Terraria in content. Starbound's development plan was really just to dupe as many people into buying into the game as they could.The EFF provides funds for legal defense in court, presents amicus curiae briefs, defends individuals and new technologies from what it considers abusive legal threats, works to expose government malfeasance, provides guidance to the government and courtsorganizes political action and mass mailings, supports some new technologies which it believes preserve personal freedoms and online civil liberties, maintains a database and web sites of related news and information, monitors and challenges potential legislation that it believes would infringe on personal liberties and fair use and solicits a list of what it considers abusive patents with intentions to defeat those that it considers without merit.

cifre da record per lhumble indie bundle v

The Electronic Frontier Foundation was formed in July by John GilmoreJohn Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor in response to a series of actions by law enforcement agencies that led them to conclude that the authorities were gravely uninformed about emerging forms of online communication, [5] and that there was a need for increased protection for Internet civil liberties.

In AprilBarlow had been visited by a U. Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in relation to the theft and distribution of the source code for a series of Macintosh ROMs. Barlow described the visit as "complicated by [the agent's] fairly complete unfamiliarity with computer technology. I realized right away that before I could demonstrate my innocence, I would first have to explain to him what guilt might be.

Barlow posted an account of this experience to The WELL online community and was contacted by Mitch Kapor, who had had a similar experience.

The pair agreed that there was a need to defend civil liberties on the Internet. Kapor agreed to fund any legal fees associated with such a defense and the pair contacted New York lawyers Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky and Lieberman about defending several computer hackers from a Harper's magazine forum on computers and freedom who had been the target of Secret Service raids.

This generated further reaction and support for the ideas of Barlow and Kapor. In late June, Barlow held a series of dinners in San Francisco with major figures in the computer industry to develop a coherent response to these perceived threats. America was entering the Information Age with neither laws nor metaphors for the appropriate protection and conveyance of information itself.

InMike Godwin joined the organization as its first staff counsel. ByCliff Figallo became the director of the original office, and in DecemberJerry Berman became the acting executive director of the organization as a whole, based in a new second office. The creation of the organization was motivated by the massive search and seizure on Steve Jackson Games executed by the United States Secret Service early in Similar but officially unconnected law-enforcement raids were being conducted across the United States at about that time as part of a state—federal task force called Operation Sundevil.

The search warrant for the raid was deemed hastily issued, and the games company soon after claimed unauthorized access as well as tampering of their emails. While phone calls were protected by legislation, digital emails were an early concept and had not been considered to fall under the right to personal privacy. The EFF's second big case was Bernstein v. Bernstein sued the government for permission to publish his encryption software, Snuffle, and a paper describing it.

The organization was originally located at Mitch Kapor's Kapor Enterprises offices. During this time, some of the EFF's attention focused on influencing national policy[12] to the dislike of some of the members of the organization. Inunder the auspices of Executive Director Lori Fenaafter some downsizing and in an effort to regroup and refocus on their base of support, the organization moved offices to San Francisco, California.

By the mids the EFF was becoming seriously concerned about the refusal of the US government to license any secure encryption product for export unless it utilized key recovery and claims that governments could not decrypt information when protected by Data Encryption Standard DEScontinuing even after the public breaking of the code in the first of the DES Challenges. The EFF published the plans and source code for the cracker. The EFF regularly brings and defends lawsuits at all levels of the US legal system in pursuit of its goals and objectives.

Grokster, Ltd. Doesand others. The Patent Busting Project is an Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF initiative challenging patents that the organization claims are illegitimate and suppress innovation or limit online expression.

The initiative launched on April 19,and involves two phases: documenting the damage caused by these patents, and submitting challenges to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

cifre da record per lhumble indie bundle v

The EFF has long been an advocate of paper audit trails for voting machines and testified in support of them after the United States presidential election Staffed by hotline volunteers, it is designed to quickly document irregularities and instances of voter suppression as they occur on an election day. The EFF was active in the United States presidential election because of online phishing related to the controversy over fabrication of election results.

Alex Haldermana computer security professor at the University of Michiganwrote an article that was published in Medium in stating he thought it was advisable to have a recount on some of the election results from states like WisconsinMichiganand Pennsylvania.

The EFF publicizes these controversies and promotes the reduction of online phishing. The document sets out the following guidelines for social networks. Six months later, the same organizations sought the support of roughly 80 others, including Article 19in calling for Facebook to adopt the Santa Clara Principles.

They commented that several proposals to increase the amount of regulation on social media were open to abuse. The EFF organizes two sets of awards to promote work in accordance with its goals and objectives:. The EFF Pioneer Awards are awarded annually to recognize individuals who in its opinion are "leaders who are extending freedom and innovation on the electronic frontier.Remember me.

Forgot your password? Subscribe today to gain access to every Research Intelligencer article we publish as well as the exclusive daily newsletter, full access to The MediaPost Casesfirst-look research and daily insights from Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief. The Humble Indie Bundle, and the model of bundled games offers it originated, can plausibly claim just that. More important, are the elements of gamification included in the experience.

Each person who buys the bundle controls exactly how much of their money goes to the developers, the charities and Humble Bundle, Inc.

Also, one of the games in each bundle is only available to those who pay more than the average purchase price. For example, Windows purchasers have spent the least per-transaction for Humble Bundle V, but by far the most in aggregate.

Linux users are the most generous, and Macophiles are in the middle. A leaderboard of top spenders is also publicly available, which gives rise to competition around who can pay more.

The lessons learned here are threefold. First, as has also been demonstrated by Louis C. Most Humble Bundle games have been released independently, by publishers, and as part of the bundle. Digital has been truly disruptive, in the best sense of that term, and content producers no longer depend entirely on physical channels to speak to their fans. With seven days remaining in the two-week sale, Humble Bundle V actually added three additional games into the deal, which all previous purchasers received.

Give the fans value. And they have a real propensity toward helping the little guy. Third, gamification works, but maybe not in the way we thought. It makes use of a few subtle mechanics and does so from a credible footing.

It gives users a sense of power, because shock! They engross deeply, but require intense participation. Perhaps they belong at both ends of the continuum. But if the medium is the message, the Humble Indie Bundle seems to be telling us that video games are changing a lot more than their own distribution models. Toggle navigation. Free to qualified media, marketing and advertising professionals. Advanced Search. Username Password Remember me Forgot your password?

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cifre da record per lhumble indie bundle v

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I know the term wasn't used in the 80s, but I am sure that half of the video games made in the 80s were games developed by independent video game developers - mostly individuals or friends.

Or are you saying a game Jeff Minter made and published himself in the 80s is not an indie game, but a game he made and published himself in the s suddenly is? The sentence at the end of the intro paragraph listing an random assortment of games that made a profit seems unnecessary. It is unconnected from the rest of the introduction and seems out of place, nor does it really inform the reader of anything, other than providing an incomplete list of a few games.

Jelephant talk1 June UTC. The result of the move request was: pages moved to titles proposed in nomination. Editors supporting the move have sufficiently made their case on common name grounds here. I have taken on board the remarks of those opposing on a precision and consistency basis, however even based on this, I don't see a consensus to endorse an undiscussed page move, hence my closing outcome.

I am aware that Indie game development had not been moved previously - I still see a consensus for the move as per my assessment of the discussion. As a side note, I would recommend a further discussion on how to address other game areas that are considered indie e.

This is what reliable sources use and what every source in the main article uses, which includes sources outside video game industry.